Wednesday, 26 December 2012

6 months post op check in

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day.

Another month down and 37.1kg gone.

So what's been going on the past month?  Not much.

Was in a bit of a quandry pre Christmas as one of my work break ups was at Four Points by Sheraton Geelong for a breakfast buffet.  Panic mode set it.  It would be the first time eating in front of these lot of co-workers.  They know that I had surgery, I just felt awkward.  I was sitting next to one of the doctors and she was asking questions as she'd never seen me eat LOL.  I did a lap of what was on offer, but thought I'd play it safe and had an omelette made with I think a dozen eggs...or so it seemed.  I ate very very slowly.  I managed to get through 3/4 of the omelette.  I explained to the doctor that if I ate too fast, I'd fill up too quickly and I'd feel really uncomfortable.  I stopped at the point of just beginning to feel full.  Waited a while before I had coffee.  Everyone else at the table had helped themselves up to 5 times.  I miss that a little bit, but I was content with my measly omelette LOL.

Another awkward moment that day...I was the only single person on the table.  I had no idea the other staff would bring their partners.

Sucks being single.

I saw my dietitian on 12/12/12 and she was happy with how things are progressing and how I'm tolerating everything.

I also saw my surgeon for my 6 month post op check up on 19/12/12.  He too was very pleased with how things are going.  I'm not seeing him again until June, my one year sleeveaversary, so I'm hoping by then I'll be at goal.  23kg until I achieve that.  I also said that everythings (and I mean everything) is heading south and that I've already looked into surgeons to put everything in its place.  I asked him when he thought would be a good time and he suggested I wait a year after goal to let things settle in case I continue to lose by 2014, I'll have a normal looking body.  Boobs will be perky and where they should be, my 'apron' will no longer exist, thighs will be slim and the arms won't look like bat wings.

I actually went on to try a bra in Bras n Things (haven't set foot in there EVER) and tried on a 16E.  It fit but the style wasn't very flattering.  I've gone from a 20DD/E to possibly a 16E.  I really do need to get measured properly.  It's been years since I have physically bought a bra instore as previously I have bought online from Lane Bryant as they're so much prettier...and sometimes cheaper even with shipping.

Christmas Day was going to be a big test for me food wise, as pigging out is no longer an option for me.  If I do, I'll feel really sick.  I actually put together a little plate for myself with about a mouthful of everything that I had prepared, bar the cakes.  I actually did alright and although I didn't finish everything on said plate, I felt really comfortable without feeling that I overdid it.

My sister now says that she eats like a pig compared to me, because I eat so little.

I was going to update my photos today and add the 6 months front and side profiles along with the pre op and 3 month comparisons, but our plans to go out tonight have fallen through, as I was going to take a pic of me looking half decent for once (the only time you'll likely see me wearing a dress LOL).  I might take one tomorrow morning before I leave for work.  Depends on my mood.

Hope all is well with everyone and you all got spoilt for Christmas.  As I may not post prior to New Years (most likely no), hope everyone has a good one and stays safe.

Monday, 26 November 2012

5 months post op and 32kg down

I'm now down to 96.1kg and feeling fantastic.  Today marks 5 months post op and 32kg are gone forever.

I've met up with a few people who have not seen me in months and they didn't realise it was me.

What's been going on since the last update?

Well I did Run Geelong last weekend and walked 6km in a time of 1h 00m and 44s.  Last years time was 1h 31m and 11s.  I was a bit slower compared to Run Ballarat a few weeks ago, but there were more people to get around.  I'm happy regardless, as I knocked 31 minutes off my 2011 time.

Next year my aim will be to run both Ballarat and Geelong.

I also did The Color Run yesterday at Flemington Racecourse.  It was THE best fun I have had in a long time.

I'm now wearing size 18 clothes, down from 22/24/26 (depends where I shop).  Feels good to be shopping in normal stores.  Katies is my favourite at the moment and for cheap in between clothes that won't last, I'm loving K-Mart ($3 t-shirt anyone?!)

Sadly, the other thing going down in size are the boobs :(.  I knew it would happen eventually and now they've started shrinking...and they're not very appealing.  They looked terrible yesterday following The Color Run as the colour's had somehow ended up under the t-shirt and collected in the stretch marks.  I now have to be careful with what kind of tops I wear, as it's not a good look having saggy stretch marked boobs peeking out from whatever I wear.  I really do need to go bra shopping, but CBF'd.

Nothing else exciting to report for this past month.  I'll write again after I've seen the surgeon just shy of the 6 month mark.

Friday, 26 October 2012

4 months post op, 28.4kg down and DOUBLE FIGURES!

Yes I have finally hit


Thought I would never get there, but I have!

So happy!

My mood is much better than the other day when I was on the verge of smashing the scales.

What's been happening?

On Sunday I did Run Ballarat, but I walked the 6km track in 54m and 36s.  Last year I did the same distance for Run Geelong and it took me 1h 31.  What a massive improvement.  I'm doing RG again this year, so now I'm on a mission to better my RB time.

My sister attends a gym and the trainer there keeps asking about me.  She knows everything, so she's curious to see me.  I was thinking of going to her for some PT sessions, but at $65 a lesson at I assume is a 1 hour sessions (she used to work at Fernwood and there was only 1/2 hour).  I'll think about it.

Nothing much else to report unfortunately.

Don't I lead such an interesting life?!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


That is all for today.

May post later in the week when my mood improves.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Monthly updates from now on

Unless something interesting pops up in the interim (which may be nothing, considering it's me), I'll only post on here on a monthly basis with regards to weigh ins etc.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

3 months post op and 24.2kg gone forever

I've survived 3 months with the sleeve!

Thought it was going to be more of a struggle but I've managed.  Yes I do have some bad days, but overall, I love my sleeve.

24.2kg are gone....forever.  They will NEVER come back.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Double figures are looming!

Hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks, I'll be in


Last time I was in double figures was probably in my mid to late teens.

So excited!  Got just a tad over 4kg to go until I'm below 100kg.

My surgeon did say he'd like me in the 80's when I next see him.

Looking like a possibility.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

12 weeks post op, 1.4kg down and getting lei'd.

Get your minds out of the gutters, not that kind of lay LOL (maybe one day ha ha), no but in September next year, guess who's going to Hawaii?!?!?!?


With a new body...well almost.

So excited.  I cannot wait.

This all came about when my sister propositioned me.  I'll backtrack a little, so you know what's going on.

Last year was my sister's 50th birthday, so to mark the milestone, I surprised her with a holiday to Hong Kong.  I was last there in 1988 so I've always wanted to go back and so has she, we just never got around to it.  So everything was booked in January and I had kept things quiet until June when I surprised her with a very cryptic note outlining a trip overseas, weather at the destination, what kind of things to pack.  Like I said, very cryptic.  We weren't due to leave until September, so she had no clue as to where we were going.

I had organised everything behind her back and contacted her boss to apply for her leave.  As she knew we were going overseas somewhere, I asked her to give me money so I could convert it to spending money, but I held onto this until the final destination.

Our flight didn't leave until midnight, so she was checking the board at the airport and there were 3 flights leaving around the same time, so I tricked her by walking towards the Phuket counter, only to weave out again.  Walked up to Singapore Airlines counter and then it clicked...she thought we were going to Singapore.  But no.  I told her to wait behind whilst I went to the check in counter, explained to the clerk that my sister has no clue as to where we are going and not to say anything.  She didn't, which was great.  Then came the immigration card thingy.  I got her to fill everything else out but leave destination blank then I filled out that part.  No problem there.  Phew.

Upon arrival at Changi, my sister tried to make her way to baggage claim but I told her we can't.  She was a little confused.  I handed over her envelope containing spending money and then it clicked.

Back on track.

So she wanted to surprise me with a trip to Port Douglas, as I have never been, going in April next year out of school holidays.  But as I keep talking about Hawaii, well you get the idea LOL.  She said she can't afford for flights and accommodation to Hawaii for the both of us and I told her not to worry about it, we'll just split the cost.  So now we have a whole year to save up.  As soon as I see cheap flights for around the time we want to go (just waiting for her to confirm dates, as her coworker is on leave in September too).  We'll go for 10 days and island hop, as we've only ever been to Honolulu (this will be the 4th time).

And yeah, lost 1.4kg this now is 22.1kg.  Yay!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

11 weeks post op and 800gm down

Hoping for more than 800gm, but I guess it's better than nothing.

Not much to discuss this week.

Such an exciting life I lead...not.

I am thinking about a holiday though next year.  But then again, I need to save for surgery down the track to get rid of all the excess skin I will have.



Decisions decisions.

If I do holiday, I don't know whether to head back to the US and pop over to Canada or do I head to Europe?

If I won tattslotto, then all my problems will be solved.  I can then do both.

But that's not the case.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

10 weeks post op 2.6kg down

Officially over 20kg lost!!!  All went well yesterday with the surgeon and he was very pleased with my progress.

One thing: he's obsessed with my boobs.  After the hi's and how are you's on the way to the weigh in room, he looks at me and says "you're boobs haven't shrunk".  Should I be concerned?  I just laugh it off because I know eventually they will, just haven't quite yet (still same band and cup size dammit).

He also stated that I look younger and if he didn't know me, he'd think I was in my late 20's.  I said the wrinkles (following weight loss) haven't set in yet.  He thought (again, before he knew my age) that I was more late 30's/early 40's.  He himself is 41 and doesn't look it, but I would've said early 40's had he asked.

Anywho, don't need to see him now until 2 weeks before Christmas, which he says I should be in my 80's by then.

Double figures!

Last time I was in my 80's I was in Year 7.

I also happened to walk past Katies...yes Katies!  I ended up buying a new top for work as I'm getting sick of the same stuff week in week out.  I tried on a 20 and it fit.  I'm thinking of going back and trying on 18 just in case.  I never want to wear clothes in the size 20's again, so best schlep it over to Katies to exchange.  If it does't fit now, it will in a few weeks.  I just love the colour.

I'm house sitting for a friend who is going to Europe for 5 weeks.  Jealous.  I'll basically just be sleeping there as I work during the day from home.  It's more to look after her half dead dog and princess of a cat LOL.

Well tis all for now.  Until next time...

Monday, 3 September 2012

20kg gone!!!

Well on my scales anyway.  Yes, as of this morning, I've lost 20kg in 3 months!  Yippee!  Considering it took me a year to lose 25kg back in 2004, I'm ecstatic.

I'm seeing my surgeon today for a check up, so I'm dreading his scales, as they tend to show more.  I hope not too much.

I am now on a full diet and can tolerate whatever comes my way.  Last week I managed a medium steak.  Dad aged his own for 2 weeks and it was just delicious.  Glad I was able to enjoy this, as I've heard that those with a band are unable to tolerate certain foods, steak being one of them.

Shall report back tomorrow with official numbers.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

9 weeks post op and 600gm up

Up.  Yes you read correctly.  Up.  Don't know what the hell is going on here, but I've gained.  I'm eating the same amount as I have been (barely anything), yet I've gained.

My period is overdue a week (no, I am not pregnant), so that might have something to do with it.  I hope it does.

Seeing my surgeon on Monday for a check up, so hopefully I will have lost it by then, at least on my scales.  His scales seem to show less of a loss.

I went to my doctor last week about my back (I had such severe pain that I could barely walk and was feeling very nauseas and on the verge of passing out at home).  The receptionist there kind of did a double take as she didn't realise it was me.  I work there, but on weekends, so we rarely see each other.  He prescribed be anti-inflammatories and pain relief.

When I got home, my uncle was there and he recommended I go see a chiropractor, so I went the following day as I couldn't get in that day.

Anywho, he diagnosed me as having a leg length discrepancy of 1.5cm on the right and dodgy right sided back muscles.  He said he was surprised that I didn't have issues earlier.  I told him I have, but not to the extent that I struggled to walk.  I remember when I was in the US with my cousin 2 years ago, I was sitting on a bench and went to pick up the multitude of shopping bags off the ground and I couldn't straighten up again.  I had to remain like that for a few minutes until the spasm resolved.

Been seeing him now for about a week and slowly things are improving.  Not cheap at $50 a visit, bit if it helps, then I'm all for it.

Friday, 24 August 2012

A new photo

I took this photo last Saturday before I went out to dinner.

Not very good at doing selfies, esp the crappy lighting.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

8 weeks post op and 1kg down

Taking my grand total to 18kg!  Saw the dietician today and she was very pleased as to how I am progressing.  Will be seeing her next in December, 6 months post op.

I went to see my GP yesterday with regards to my back and he seems to think I sprained it, so prescribed me anti-inflammatories and pain relief.  My uncle suggested I see a chiro, so I went to the one he sees today and he tells me that I have a 1cm leg length discrepancy and he's surprised I haven't had issues earlier.  I told him I get these pains once in a while, but not to the severity of this one, which has gone into my legs and it's painful to walk.  He said that I have a pelvic tilt and that this can be fixed.  I'm going to see him again tomorrow.

Who'd have thunk?!  I had a feeling I may have but dismissed it.  I've noticed that if I wear pants or jeans that are a tad too long, the hem on the right side tends to drag along the ground.

At least this can be fixed.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Have you lost any weight?

Yup, that is what my father asked me yesterday.  Seriously?  I've lost 17kg and he's asking if I've lost anything?  He's not very observant, is he?

One of my cousins is on to me.  My sister told me she had an inkling something was up when we went out to dinner a few weeks ago and I could only manage a small amount of food.  It was confirmed on Saturday night again when I only had a slice of pizza (just a bit smaller than a slice of bread).  My sister told her not to tell anyone else, so hopefully she can keep her mouth shut.  In time everyone will know...just not yet.

I'm doing Run Ballarat in October and after the run, I'll be stopping by my aunts place.  I think she'll be in for a bigger shock than anyone as I only see her a few times a year and she hasn't seen me since I don't know when.

Off topic,  my back is absolutely killing me today.  I have a Tiger Balm patch but that doesn't seem to be helping.  I just have to lean forward the wrong way and it goes.  Not sure if I have a pinched nerve. I also found a small pea like lump just below my left knee at the top of my calf.  Not sure what is going on there either.  Must get both checked out when I have a moment.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

7 weeks post op and 700gm down

Yup...a whole 700gm.  I guess it's better than nothing, right?

I have a review with the dietician next Wednesday.  I'm still on the soft phase, but am trying things as I go.  Chicken seems to go down alright if it's not too try.  I've yet to attempt a steak.  Too scared as that seems to be a bit tougher.  Just have to find the right cut I guess.

I must admit that I've been slack exercise wise and have not walked for 2 weeks.  No excuses.  Need to get back on track with this.

I've registered myself for Run Ballarat in October and Run Geelong in November.  I'll be doing the 6km for both events.  Who knows, maybe next year I'll be able to run.  We'll see.

Going out to Lygon Street (lot of Italian restaurants here in Melbourne) on Saturday night with family (unaware of the procedure), so it'll be another interesting night.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Curious about the sleeve?

Some random Google-ing brought up this short video on how a sleeve gastrectomy is performed.

Thought I'd post it if any of you are curious as to what is involved.

Please enjoy.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

6 weeks post op and 2.7kg down

In total I have lost 16.5kg!!!!!  Last time I lost anywhere near that much took me forever.  Back in 2003/4 I did manage to lose 25kg, but that took me a year and after that program finished, it crept back on...and more.

Slowly starting to feel good about myself.  Still banned from clothes shopping, although I do need to get a cheap pair of pants for work as I don't think the boss will allow me another week of jeans.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Some new pics

Sorry, they aren't the best quality, but thought I'd show you how slightly different I look now.

The top photo was taken in April before a night out and the one below was taken on Saturday night.

Not sure why the April photo looks wider.  Anyway, you get the idea.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Back to work and eating out in public for the first time

Thursday was my first day back at work after nearly 5 weeks off.  All the ladies were glad to see me but I got a few curious looks.  I was cornered in the kitchen by one of the ladies and she was giving me the look trying to figure out what was different with me.  I just played around and said that I had my hair done etc.  She wasn't satisfied with that answer LOL.

By the time morning tea came around, she came into my office and asked if I had lost weight, to which I responded 'just a bit', still not giving anything away.  Eventually it came out that I had surgery, but not to say to anyone because still not everyone knows and I don't really want it to be public knowledge.  I also explained the procedure to them, as they thought I had the band.

I received a lot of comments that day on how good I looked (from those who do know and don't know).

They weren't happy with me as I bought in 2 dozen cupcakes for them to enjoy :).

Last night I went to the local wog club for a fundraiser dinner and it was the first time I've eaten in public (well I did have lunch at work, but that wasn't a big deal).  I helped myself to a meatball and a bit of salad and my aunty saw the amount of food that was on my plate and she questioned it.  She asked if I was on a diet to which I replied 'you could say that' and just left it there...for the time being.

She approached me again later and asked again (nicely, not in a nosey way) and because it was busy, I said I'd tell her later but never got around to it, but I'm sure she knows something is up.  She had also noticed I looked different and she was happy for me.  I'm sure the wog grapevine will be in action soon.  Nothing stays quiet too long in our family ;p

I didn't know but my sister told a friend of the family about the procedure and she asked me about it.  She reassured me she wasn't going to tell anyone because I told her not all the family know.  She just asked how I was and how she knows someone who had the band but has had nothing but trouble with vomiting etc.

So tonight is the big test.  Going out to dinner with the girls and then off to see Magic Mike.  Going to a local Indian restaurant, so I've checked out the menu as to what I think could be suitable to have.  Unfortunately they don't have a kids menu, so I'll just have to order off the entree.

I do have an ulcer on my throat (farken painful), so as I'm still in the soft food phase, I'll have to be careful as to what I can eat.  Looks like I'll go the vegetarian option.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

5 weeks post op and 1.4kg down

Total lost is 13.8kg.  Well done to me.

Still wishing it was more, but slow and steady is probably better.

I'm back to work tomorrow after 4 weeks off.  Not looking forward to it, as things are apparently up to shit.


Thank God I'm only there 2 days a week.  Not sure I could handle working there full time again with what's going on at the moment.  Management sticking their fingers into where they don't belong.  I've been there 15 years and now the big boss decides to change things around to suit herself.  My system of doing certain things worked.

Grrr.  Wish she would just butt out and let me do my job without having to explain the processes of doing things.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

4 weeks post op and 12.4kg down in 6 weeks.

Thought it would've been more but happy with this nonetheless.

Slowly but surely I'm getting there :)

Monday, 23 July 2012

Officially 10kg down...on the surgeons scales

Went and saw my surgeon today for my first post op check up. First up I was weighed. I questioned as to whether I'm going to like these scales compared to mine, as this morning I weighed 115.5kg and his scales showed 116.5kg, which I am still happy with, as he said these scales always show heaviest. If I heard correctly, my pre op weight was 127.?kg, so if that's the case, I've lost 11kg in 4 weeks, plus my 5kg pre surgery on Opti. My official at home weigh day is tomorrow, so see what that shows.

He cut down 2 stitches that were poking out and I mentioned I still get the occasional bit of pain from the wound where the stomach was pulled out from and he said it was due to the muscles being pushed around.

Overall he is very happy withy progress and he could visually see that I had lost weight! Yay someone has noticed, but I guess that is because he hasn't seen me since hospital and my family see me everyday, although my mouse and sister seem to think my stomach doesn't look as big anymore.

I will see my surgeon again in 6 weeks time, at which time I'll be on a normal diet. I start soft food stage later this week for 4 weeks.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

3 weeks post op and only 300?

WTF? Only 300gm? I'm so not happy this morning. So pissed off that I've lost such a little amount. I'm barely eating and that is the end result in a week.

I don't know where I went wrong.

I could cry.

This sucks.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Size 20 jeans!!!

Thought I'd give my old pair of size 20 jeans a go and lo and behold...they fit!!! I haven't worn these for about 3 or more years.

I've been wearing my beloved Levis to death but now they are slipping down. I bought them for $15USD each last time I was in Honolulu in 2010. I got a 22 and 24 and both fit me.

At least now I'll be able to buy Levis here in the future, albeit at an inflated price. 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Yay onto puréed foods

Saw my dietician this morning and she is very happy with my progress and she has given me the go ahead to go onto puréed foods!!! I'll still have soups, just now I can eat more foods albeit in purée form.

On another note, I have a fecking cold. I'm not happy. Hopefully it doesn't linger long as I'm going back to work at my Saturday job this week. It's only 3 1/2 hours and it gets me out of the house for a bit.

I've also been a bit bad on the Internet shopping front. MasterChef last might made me buy the 2 Greedy Italians cookbooks and last last night I bought the season 3 box set of White Collar...I need my Matt (Christian Gray) fix lol.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

2 weeks post op and 2.2kg down

Another 2.2kg gone, making it 9.8kg in total.  I don't know if these little numbers (3kg one week post op and now 2.2kg) are normal or not.  I know I should be grateful that it's a loss, as I'm sure I would not have been able to achieve these numbers without the fact I know I would not have been able to.

I also have 4 weeks remaining of my leave and I'm bored.  I think I couldn't returned to working from home earlier, maybe have another week off, but I made a few appointments during the time which I thought I was still off, so instead of cancelling, I just extended the leave.  Might as well, I have about 45 weeks of sick leave.  Gotta use it sometime, right?

I haven't even noticed any changes in my body either.  Mum seems to think my stomach is a bit flatter, but I don't see it.  I suppose I will in due course, just have to give it more time I guess.  I'm just impatient.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

1 week post surgery, passing out and hallucinations

Yay!  I've hit the 1 week post surgery mark.  To date I have lost 8kg in total.  On the 2 weeks of Optifast, I lost 5kg and since the surgery another 3kg.  Yay me!

Food is still a trial and error process.  Things like water goes down without an issue, but the soup I struggle with, even blitzed until it's thin enough to eat through a straw (but not use a straw) causes pain.

I've been walking for 15 mins a day going at a slow pace.  I'll slowly increase as things begin to heal inside more.

Speaking of healing, last night I thought I'd take off all the Duoderm dressings, so I waited until after I had a shower so they were a bit softer to pull off.  Mum was in the bathroom to help, but I managed to pull off the top port site dressing (between the boobs).  Looking down I could see it was still a bit open, so I just put a steristrip and a light gauze so there's a bit of air.  One down 4 to go.  On pulling off the far left dressing, I started to feel a bit dizzy and woozy and my hearing was going funny, which for me is a sign that I'm about to pass out.  I had to walk out of the bathroom and sit down until it passed.  Few minutes later, mum cleaned and covered that site with gauze then we proceeded onto the next one, but didn't get that far.  I felt so nauseas and dizzy again that I had to sit down.  My hearing once again went funny and it sounded as though everyone was in the distance and I broke out into such a sweat.  I couldn't put my head between my legs as you would normally do in these instances.  I had to get mum to get a bucket as I was on the verge of throwing up, but luckily that passed.  The last thing I want to do is throw up on a still healing stomach.  Dad took my temperature and it was 37°C, so I didn't have to be concerned about my stomach leaking (thank God).  I went straight to bed as I still felt nauseas.

This morning I lay in bed and mum replaced the remaining 2 dressings with gauze.  The port site on my far right is still a bit open, but the other 3 are just like a scratch now.  The gauzes ended up coming off the other 4, so I replaced them with the only bandaids I had on hand, my nephew's Transformers one LOL.  Hope I don't have to present to the ED with these bandages any time soon LOL.

Onto hallucinations.  Whilst in hospital, the old lady next to me (yes, I was sharing a room with an 82 year old woman) every so often would pipe up and say something as if someone was there.  She mentioned this to several of her visitors and the nurses and they put it down to possibly being her medication.  I didn't think anything of it at the time, but thinking back over the last few days, I think the meds affected me slightly.  I was lying in bed and I swear that the bed was shaking.  I thought for a moment that Geelong was having another earthquake.  Just the bed was shaking, nothing else, cos I checked if the water in my glass was also moving, but it wasn't.


OK, so I think that whilst the sun is shining, I shall go for a stroll.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Day 6 post op and the dreaded before and early after photo

Thought I'd share a photo with you all so you can get an idea of why I underwent surgery and as time progresses, better photos of a smaller me.

This photo on the left was taken a week prior to my surgery.  I'll tell you now, I'm not a fan of having my photo taken and avoid being in the frame wherever possible, hence I'm always behind the camera either at events or on holidays (where unfortunately I'm not in many photos there either).

The photo above is the last time I will ever look like that.

WARNING: Please so not eat whilst viewing as it may put you off your food.

The photo on the right was taken day 4 post op, with my 5 ports sites on display.  I was worried that I would not be able to wear a bra post op, as I had read people had port sites right on the bra line, but thank God my surgeon seems to place ports in a more convenient location.  You can't really see, but the port site under my phone to the far right is the largest, which is where my surgeon pulled the cut away stomach from and which currently is the only port site that really hurts now.

Every day is an improvement.  I'm taking daily walks of only 15 minutes and less than a kilometre, which I will slowly build up as I recover.

And tomorrow, one week post surgery, is the all important weigh in.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Day 3 post op and good to be home!

Was discharged from hospital yesterday.  Feeling great, except for a few spasms of pain, especially if I take too big a gulp of liquid.  Surgeon came to see me yesterday morning and said that all going well and that I could go home.  I asked him why a particular port site was hurting more than the others and he said that is where he pulled my stomach out.  Nice picture in your head folks?!

Surgeon was also very pleased with how everything went so smoothly with regards to the procedure and post op progress.  If I'm going to be good at one thing, may as well be a model patient LOL.

Wednesday night I asked for a sleeping tablet as I got stuff all sleep Tuesday night (despite all the drugs in my system), but woke up at 1.30am cos the old lady (yes, sharing a room with an 82 year old), woke up needing to go to the toilet....and didn't know how to speak quietly.  Some people have no respect.  I think I then nodded off for another 3 solid hours and then my neighbour woke me again.

Wednesday was by first 'meal' I guess you could say.  I had nothing but ice chips and water until the dietician came to see how I was doing and suggested that I can have something more.  So lunch arrived and it was chicken broth (quite salty IMO) and strawberry smoothie.  As I couldn't fully sit up, I was sort of eating reclined, so struggled a bit with the soup.  I think I managed about 6 soup spoons of the broth and I very slowly drank the smoothie and by dinner time, I still hadn't finished it.  More soup and smoothie for dinner.  Nurse asked how much broth I had and said most of the bowl, which she said was about 200ml.  I know I didn't have it all.  And smoothie wise, she could see as I had barely touched it.

I think I feel hunger pangs, but I'm not sure if they are, as they part of the stomach was cut away.  Must just be my gastric juices bubbling about.

I think I'll sign off for now, as it's getting a bit sore sitting here typing.

I'll write again in a few days and update you on what's been happening.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pills are good

I am 8 hours post op and doing well, albeit drugged up. Everyone here at SJOG has been absolutely wonderful. I have minimal abdominal pain and no shoulder pain.

One of the nurses looking after me said that on a scale of 1 to 10 with sleeve patients with 10 being excellent, I'm that. Yay me!

I'm enjoying the ice chips and sips of water as my mouth is just so dry.

Until tomorrow...

Official start weight and day of surgery

123.5kg. Yay! Today is the start of a brand new day and a brand new life. It's now 9.20am and will be leaving soon to go to hospital.

Monday, 25 June 2012


That is when I have to present tomorrow for surgery. At least I'll be able to shower beforehand and do my hair.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Last meal...for now

It's my sister's birthday on Monday so last night we went out to dinner at a local Indian restaurant.  Food there is amazing.  There were 7 of us altogether, so we ordered a bit of everything so we could have our own mini banquet.

I thought I'd indulge a little as it was my last real meal before surgery on Tuesday, but amazingly, I struggled to eat!  Didn't take me long to fill up.  I had chilli chicken and could only manage 2 pieces of chicken (approximately the size of 2 dim sims) and maybe 1/2 cup of lemon rice.  That was it.

Considering I was starving as I didn't really have lunch as I was late from work and had to race straight to the hairdresser (I had my sister bring me an OF bar), I was too full to eat anymore.

2 weeks of pre surgery Optifast seems to have paid off.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

3 sleeps to go

Can't believe that it's almost time for my surgery. Since my initial consult in November, waiting for my PHI cover to kick in and chopping and changing surgery dates, the day is almost here. At the moment I'm no too bad with the whole process of what is about to happen, but come Tuesday 7.30am when I have to check in, it might be a different story. So far I have lost about 4kg on Optifast, which for me is a good effort, but I'm sick of shakes and bars lol. I'll know I will new to continue with them for a bit after surgery, but I'll also be able to enjoy eating normal food again lol, albeit in a much MUCH smaller quantity. That's gonna be a real shock to the system for me.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

2.3kg lighter

Not the numbers I was hoping for but it's better than nothing, right.

This time next week I will most likely be in pre-op being injected with God knows what (they usually inject gin and tonic into my IV lol).

Not shitting myself yet, might be a different story then.

Monday, 18 June 2012

One week and one day to go

Surprisingly, I'm coping well with Optifast.  I'll be honest and say I've had slips up.

Yesterday went out for a Sunday drive and obviously, can't take things with me (especially when there are other's travelling with me who do not know I'm having surgery), so tried my best to make good decisions on what to eat.

Had breakfast at home and we hit the road at 9am.  Lunch wasn't til about 2pm, so we stopped at a little country bakery/cafe.  Not much of a selection unfortunately to benefit me, but I ordered a salad wrap with some Italian salami (which I am sure is a no no).  It was a full length tortilla wrap and after only one half, I was feeling quite full and only managed half of the other.

Didn't get home til late so couldn't have a full meal.  Luckily mum cooked some homemade beef soup, so I had a cup of that with an Optifast bar.

To date I have lost 2kg, which for me, is excellent.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What's going on

Yesterday marked 2 weeks to go until I have my laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy.

It also marked the start of my 2 weeks of pre op Optifast.

So far OK, but it has only been 2 days.

See how the remaining 12 days pan out.