Sunday, 24 June 2012

Last meal...for now

It's my sister's birthday on Monday so last night we went out to dinner at a local Indian restaurant.  Food there is amazing.  There were 7 of us altogether, so we ordered a bit of everything so we could have our own mini banquet.

I thought I'd indulge a little as it was my last real meal before surgery on Tuesday, but amazingly, I struggled to eat!  Didn't take me long to fill up.  I had chilli chicken and could only manage 2 pieces of chicken (approximately the size of 2 dim sims) and maybe 1/2 cup of lemon rice.  That was it.

Considering I was starving as I didn't really have lunch as I was late from work and had to race straight to the hairdresser (I had my sister bring me an OF bar), I was too full to eat anymore.

2 weeks of pre surgery Optifast seems to have paid off.

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