Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Next stage of my transformation...breast reduction.

Last week I had a consultation with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon for another issue but decided to kill two birds with one stone and seek an opinion on getting a breast reduction and lift.

After the first part of the consult, it was time to talk reduction.  I stripped down ready to be poked, prodded, measured and photographed from various angles.  Considering I've lost 60kg, my boobs have not changed whatsoever, well, more saggy but I still fill the same cup size I was pre sleeve.  Depends on where I shop, I can be a DD/DDD/E or F cup.  I'm currently wearing 12F.

The surgeon explained the procedure to me, as well as the risks and complications.  Being on Roaccutane can inhibit wound healing, but he couldn't find any research to back this up.  If I were to get implants, then there would be issues, but he can't see there being any complications with a reduction.  He suggested I speak to my dermatologist for her opinion.  It was suggested I stop taking Roaccutane and wait six months or at least drop back to two tablets weekly.  To be honest, if I stop taking, my skin will flare up again and it's not pretty.

I asked when I could get in if I wished to proceed and was offered end of May or end of July...but first I'll wait for that quote...

...which came on Monday.  I was expecting close to $10,000 but I was quite surprised.  $5700 for surgeon, $1400 for anaesthetic, as well as $500 hospital excess.

So......with this information and discussing things with my sister and mother (can't exactly discuss this with the father...yet anyway lol), I've book myself in for 28th July!

I'd need a minimum three weeks off work, provided there are no complications.  It's only a day procedure and no drains, but I can stay overnight...why not, I'm paying enough!  Discussed sizes and even he said don't want to go too small, but I'd be happy to be a perky D.  Last time I had perky boobs was when I was born lol.

I'm scared about how the end result will look.  Maybe because they've been "saggy" for so many years, to me that is normal.  I'm excited yet at the same time, I'm freaking out.

Still on my "shopping list" are arms and thighs, but like then surgeon who did my tummy tuck said, would I want to sacrifice flabby skin for a thick scar?  I can lift weights and work out 24/7 but nothing will shrink the skin.  Maybe when I win Tattslotto I'll consider the arms and thighs, but for the time being, for the first time in my life, I want normal looking perky boobs.