Saturday, 23 June 2012

3 sleeps to go

Can't believe that it's almost time for my surgery. Since my initial consult in November, waiting for my PHI cover to kick in and chopping and changing surgery dates, the day is almost here. At the moment I'm no too bad with the whole process of what is about to happen, but come Tuesday 7.30am when I have to check in, it might be a different story. So far I have lost about 4kg on Optifast, which for me is a good effort, but I'm sick of shakes and bars lol. I'll know I will new to continue with them for a bit after surgery, but I'll also be able to enjoy eating normal food again lol, albeit in a much MUCH smaller quantity. That's gonna be a real shock to the system for me.

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  1. Your story sounds sort of similar to mine. I changed my surgery dates too and I also had to wait for my private health insurance to kick in too!! Best of luck in the next 3 days. You will soooooo be fine. Better then fine. My surgery date was May 11th. So I am all back to good. I didn't have gastric banding though.
    (visitor from the vogue forums)