Friday, 26 October 2012

4 months post op, 28.4kg down and DOUBLE FIGURES!

Yes I have finally hit


Thought I would never get there, but I have!

So happy!

My mood is much better than the other day when I was on the verge of smashing the scales.

What's been happening?

On Sunday I did Run Ballarat, but I walked the 6km track in 54m and 36s.  Last year I did the same distance for Run Geelong and it took me 1h 31.  What a massive improvement.  I'm doing RG again this year, so now I'm on a mission to better my RB time.

My sister attends a gym and the trainer there keeps asking about me.  She knows everything, so she's curious to see me.  I was thinking of going to her for some PT sessions, but at $65 a lesson at I assume is a 1 hour sessions (she used to work at Fernwood and there was only 1/2 hour).  I'll think about it.

Nothing much else to report unfortunately.

Don't I lead such an interesting life?!

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