Monday, 26 November 2012

5 months post op and 32kg down

I'm now down to 96.1kg and feeling fantastic.  Today marks 5 months post op and 32kg are gone forever.

I've met up with a few people who have not seen me in months and they didn't realise it was me.

What's been going on since the last update?

Well I did Run Geelong last weekend and walked 6km in a time of 1h 00m and 44s.  Last years time was 1h 31m and 11s.  I was a bit slower compared to Run Ballarat a few weeks ago, but there were more people to get around.  I'm happy regardless, as I knocked 31 minutes off my 2011 time.

Next year my aim will be to run both Ballarat and Geelong.

I also did The Color Run yesterday at Flemington Racecourse.  It was THE best fun I have had in a long time.

I'm now wearing size 18 clothes, down from 22/24/26 (depends where I shop).  Feels good to be shopping in normal stores.  Katies is my favourite at the moment and for cheap in between clothes that won't last, I'm loving K-Mart ($3 t-shirt anyone?!)

Sadly, the other thing going down in size are the boobs :(.  I knew it would happen eventually and now they've started shrinking...and they're not very appealing.  They looked terrible yesterday following The Color Run as the colour's had somehow ended up under the t-shirt and collected in the stretch marks.  I now have to be careful with what kind of tops I wear, as it's not a good look having saggy stretch marked boobs peeking out from whatever I wear.  I really do need to go bra shopping, but CBF'd.

Nothing else exciting to report for this past month.  I'll write again after I've seen the surgeon just shy of the 6 month mark.


  1. Hi Nessa, how fantastic for you. As you were one of the first people I spoke to on this forum, I have been keeping a close eye on your progress and I am truly inspired by your 'can do' attitude. Great work, I am looking forward to your future success. Best wishes one_elle26

  2. I have no respect for you sine you had to have an operation to help you lose weight.

    1. She probably has no respect for you either seeing as you were not even courageous enough to stand by your opinion and put your name to it.

    2. Why does it matter how someone loses weight? Operation, shake meal replacement diet, hard slog exercise, medication assistance, it doesn't matter, the fact someone loses weight is all that matters! Even if someone doesn't lose weight, that's no reason to disrespect anyone.

  3. Wow mature of you. You can't even admit who you are.

    Didn't your momma ever tell you "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all"?

  4. Go you good thing!

    I would love to take part in a fun run, I must get my fitness levels up!

    1. You can with bubs...Run for the Kids....24 March :)