Wednesday, 26 December 2012

6 months post op check in

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day.

Another month down and 37.1kg gone.

So what's been going on the past month?  Not much.

Was in a bit of a quandry pre Christmas as one of my work break ups was at Four Points by Sheraton Geelong for a breakfast buffet.  Panic mode set it.  It would be the first time eating in front of these lot of co-workers.  They know that I had surgery, I just felt awkward.  I was sitting next to one of the doctors and she was asking questions as she'd never seen me eat LOL.  I did a lap of what was on offer, but thought I'd play it safe and had an omelette made with I think a dozen eggs...or so it seemed.  I ate very very slowly.  I managed to get through 3/4 of the omelette.  I explained to the doctor that if I ate too fast, I'd fill up too quickly and I'd feel really uncomfortable.  I stopped at the point of just beginning to feel full.  Waited a while before I had coffee.  Everyone else at the table had helped themselves up to 5 times.  I miss that a little bit, but I was content with my measly omelette LOL.

Another awkward moment that day...I was the only single person on the table.  I had no idea the other staff would bring their partners.

Sucks being single.

I saw my dietitian on 12/12/12 and she was happy with how things are progressing and how I'm tolerating everything.

I also saw my surgeon for my 6 month post op check up on 19/12/12.  He too was very pleased with how things are going.  I'm not seeing him again until June, my one year sleeveaversary, so I'm hoping by then I'll be at goal.  23kg until I achieve that.  I also said that everythings (and I mean everything) is heading south and that I've already looked into surgeons to put everything in its place.  I asked him when he thought would be a good time and he suggested I wait a year after goal to let things settle in case I continue to lose by 2014, I'll have a normal looking body.  Boobs will be perky and where they should be, my 'apron' will no longer exist, thighs will be slim and the arms won't look like bat wings.

I actually went on to try a bra in Bras n Things (haven't set foot in there EVER) and tried on a 16E.  It fit but the style wasn't very flattering.  I've gone from a 20DD/E to possibly a 16E.  I really do need to get measured properly.  It's been years since I have physically bought a bra instore as previously I have bought online from Lane Bryant as they're so much prettier...and sometimes cheaper even with shipping.

Christmas Day was going to be a big test for me food wise, as pigging out is no longer an option for me.  If I do, I'll feel really sick.  I actually put together a little plate for myself with about a mouthful of everything that I had prepared, bar the cakes.  I actually did alright and although I didn't finish everything on said plate, I felt really comfortable without feeling that I overdid it.

My sister now says that she eats like a pig compared to me, because I eat so little.

I was going to update my photos today and add the 6 months front and side profiles along with the pre op and 3 month comparisons, but our plans to go out tonight have fallen through, as I was going to take a pic of me looking half decent for once (the only time you'll likely see me wearing a dress LOL).  I might take one tomorrow morning before I leave for work.  Depends on my mood.

Hope all is well with everyone and you all got spoilt for Christmas.  As I may not post prior to New Years (most likely no), hope everyone has a good one and stays safe.

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  1. Hi Nessa, I found your blog through the Gastric Sleeve Support. I am also in Geelong and Darren is my surgeon. I'd love to hear how you are doing now. I had my band removed last September and was sleeved Jan 22 13! So I'm a little under 2 weeks out. I hope you are doing well. Do you know if there are any Geelong groups for meetups?