Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Just a quickie update

Sorry for the delay in posts.  Haven't really been motivated to write and not sure if any one is actually reading about what I have to say, but if there is anyone out there....hello *waves*

I'm 9 months post op and 45kg down.

Feeling great.

The only thing that sucks right now is the excess skin.  You do not want to see me naked.  I don't even like looking at myself naked.  But I do, as I poke and prod and lift up the skin to see how it would look removed , well imagine it.

When I can be bothered and have time, I'll write more thoroughly.


  1. 45kg!!! WELL DONE!!! Pics!! PICS!?

  2. OK will do on the weekend once I look decent LOL

  3. WOW 45kg!! You must be so proud of yourself! It sucks about the excess skin though :(

  4. Hi Nessa. How's things going with you now? I too had the surgery and am having a tummy tuck done in a few weeks. I saw your comment regarding a friend of yours paying $6000 out of pocket for a body lift. I was wondering if you know where she had her body lift done, the surgeon who did it and which insurance and cover she has? Did she also have the full abdominoplasty or just the skin on her tummy removed?
    Are you ready to have your surgery done yet? Warm regards, Debbie

  5. I'll try and chase her down and ask her more questions. The surgery was done in Geelong. I'm seeing that surgeon next week to get a quote for what I wish to have done. Will update then.