Wednesday, 22 August 2012

8 weeks post op and 1kg down

Taking my grand total to 18kg!  Saw the dietician today and she was very pleased as to how I am progressing.  Will be seeing her next in December, 6 months post op.

I went to see my GP yesterday with regards to my back and he seems to think I sprained it, so prescribed me anti-inflammatories and pain relief.  My uncle suggested I see a chiro, so I went to the one he sees today and he tells me that I have a 1cm leg length discrepancy and he's surprised I haven't had issues earlier.  I told him I get these pains once in a while, but not to the severity of this one, which has gone into my legs and it's painful to walk.  He said that I have a pelvic tilt and that this can be fixed.  I'm going to see him again tomorrow.

Who'd have thunk?!  I had a feeling I may have but dismissed it.  I've noticed that if I wear pants or jeans that are a tad too long, the hem on the right side tends to drag along the ground.

At least this can be fixed.

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