Monday, 23 July 2012

Officially 10kg down...on the surgeons scales

Went and saw my surgeon today for my first post op check up. First up I was weighed. I questioned as to whether I'm going to like these scales compared to mine, as this morning I weighed 115.5kg and his scales showed 116.5kg, which I am still happy with, as he said these scales always show heaviest. If I heard correctly, my pre op weight was 127.?kg, so if that's the case, I've lost 11kg in 4 weeks, plus my 5kg pre surgery on Opti. My official at home weigh day is tomorrow, so see what that shows.

He cut down 2 stitches that were poking out and I mentioned I still get the occasional bit of pain from the wound where the stomach was pulled out from and he said it was due to the muscles being pushed around.

Overall he is very happy withy progress and he could visually see that I had lost weight! Yay someone has noticed, but I guess that is because he hasn't seen me since hospital and my family see me everyday, although my mouse and sister seem to think my stomach doesn't look as big anymore.

I will see my surgeon again in 6 weeks time, at which time I'll be on a normal diet. I start soft food stage later this week for 4 weeks.

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