Tuesday, 3 July 2012

1 week post surgery, passing out and hallucinations

Yay!  I've hit the 1 week post surgery mark.  To date I have lost 8kg in total.  On the 2 weeks of Optifast, I lost 5kg and since the surgery another 3kg.  Yay me!

Food is still a trial and error process.  Things like water goes down without an issue, but the soup I struggle with, even blitzed until it's thin enough to eat through a straw (but not use a straw) causes pain.

I've been walking for 15 mins a day going at a slow pace.  I'll slowly increase as things begin to heal inside more.

Speaking of healing, last night I thought I'd take off all the Duoderm dressings, so I waited until after I had a shower so they were a bit softer to pull off.  Mum was in the bathroom to help, but I managed to pull off the top port site dressing (between the boobs).  Looking down I could see it was still a bit open, so I just put a steristrip and a light gauze so there's a bit of air.  One down 4 to go.  On pulling off the far left dressing, I started to feel a bit dizzy and woozy and my hearing was going funny, which for me is a sign that I'm about to pass out.  I had to walk out of the bathroom and sit down until it passed.  Few minutes later, mum cleaned and covered that site with gauze then we proceeded onto the next one, but didn't get that far.  I felt so nauseas and dizzy again that I had to sit down.  My hearing once again went funny and it sounded as though everyone was in the distance and I broke out into such a sweat.  I couldn't put my head between my legs as you would normally do in these instances.  I had to get mum to get a bucket as I was on the verge of throwing up, but luckily that passed.  The last thing I want to do is throw up on a still healing stomach.  Dad took my temperature and it was 37°C, so I didn't have to be concerned about my stomach leaking (thank God).  I went straight to bed as I still felt nauseas.

This morning I lay in bed and mum replaced the remaining 2 dressings with gauze.  The port site on my far right is still a bit open, but the other 3 are just like a scratch now.  The gauzes ended up coming off the other 4, so I replaced them with the only bandaids I had on hand, my nephew's Transformers one LOL.  Hope I don't have to present to the ED with these bandages any time soon LOL.

Onto hallucinations.  Whilst in hospital, the old lady next to me (yes, I was sharing a room with an 82 year old woman) every so often would pipe up and say something as if someone was there.  She mentioned this to several of her visitors and the nurses and they put it down to possibly being her medication.  I didn't think anything of it at the time, but thinking back over the last few days, I think the meds affected me slightly.  I was lying in bed and I swear that the bed was shaking.  I thought for a moment that Geelong was having another earthquake.  Just the bed was shaking, nothing else, cos I checked if the water in my glass was also moving, but it wasn't.


OK, so I think that whilst the sun is shining, I shall go for a stroll.


  1. I hope your recovery speeds up!!

    That weight loss is fantastic xx

  2. Clicked through from the vogue forum, don't know why I didn't notice you had a blog earlier!

    Best of luck with your recovery, it appears to be going well :-) can't be much fun though :-S xx