Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Scar revision update

Today I went for my 3 week check up and the big reveal, as the tape was changed today.

Very pleased with the result.  The puckering is due to the stitches, which will settle in time.  Looks high but it's not and the belly button was pulled down just a little during the procedure...and another thing was also pulled up slightly, if you catch my drift...

I'll continue taping at home for a further 2 months and next review is in 3 months.

Surgeon himself said he wasn't happy with the initial post op result, but he did explain the reasoning for this.  Had he initially taken away more skin at the initial tummy tuck, it would've put too much strain on the back and could result in splitting, as this was an issue in the past (not sure if his patients or just TT's in general).

Also got the go ahead to resume physical activity, so I can return to Pilates, strength training and personal training, but just to ease back into things and not to overdo it.

Until next time...


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