Monday, 17 June 2013

Had my almost one year check up today

Hey y'all!

So today I went to see Darrin for my almost one year check up.  On his scales, I have officially lost 50kg and said to him that I want to get to a 60kg loss and he was happy with that number.

He asked how I'm going food wise and I said have my good days and bad days, meaning some days I can eat more than others.  Everything is going down as it should and I don't have any vomits, just slight pain when I've overdone it.

He also examined my stomach and said that there was some 'jelly' there and I said that's why I wear these (Spanx) LOL.

Discussed removal of said excess skin and still told me to wait a year (ARGH torture) and also discussed which surgeons I should see and I told him of a few names and he agreed with me.  Didn't discuss exact procedures, but I'm definitely looking at a whole body lift, arms and boobs (the surgeon I want to see does good boobs according to him LOL, which is why I want to see her).

I see him again in January for the next check up.

Will post new photos when I've officially hit the one year mark on 26 June.

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